Mark Willmott, Director of MRP Developments Services Ltd

MRP logo“My architectural practice, Space Architecture Ltd, moved into 20 Fletcher Gate in early 2005. My property development company, MRP Developments Services Ltd, co-owned with Richard Anderson, took over Space’s License Agreement shortly after that. Some three and a half years later, and having both upsized and, more recently, downsized in the interim, MRP has no intention of moving on.
On reflection, 20 Fletcher Gate is unlike any other office building we have ever occupied both in terms of the excellent support and consideration afforded us by our Landlord, David Ajose and his team at Your Home For Business, and in terms of the consistently upbeat feel of the building itself.

It is very refreshing, and almost unique in the world of office space rental, to be treated as a customer rather than as just another faceless tenant. It is no surprise therefore that 20 Fletcher Gate is always a friendly and buzzing place to work from. The level of customer care and attention has always been second to none. We would not hesitate to recommend Your Home For Business.”

Peter Richardson, Eastside Properties

Eastside logo“Since moving in to 20 Fletcher gate our business has gone from strength to strength. At 20 Fletcher Gate you are not just renting office space, you are also part of a business community. Such a community brings mutual benefits for all of the businesses. By way of example, we have struck up fruitful business relationships with several other businesses within 20 Fletcher Gate and received several great referrals that have turned into long term customers.
The standard of accommodation, location and environment are second to none, and our landlord, Exeid are a great team. They are not just a landlord but real business people themselves who act as a catalyst for business growth and development.”

Angela Kerr, Managing Director, AKA Case Management

AKA Case Management “20 Fletcher Gate is the kind of place you feel like putting your slippers on as soon as you walk through the door. Not that this means you become complacent and unproductive though - far from it. There is a kind of magic about the place as David Ajose and his team have created a uniquely supportive and nurturing environment that makes your business just grow and grow.

Since we moved to 20 Fletcher Gate in May 2007 AKA Case Management has more than doubled in size, in fact we have added to our existing office space by expanding into the one next door. If we continue to grow like this we will soon be taking over the whole floor. I can see us being here for a very long time.”

Charles Lartey, Bluegrape

Bluegrape"When researching and planning where to locate my business in the city, 20 Fletcher Gate always offered the best long term solution. Even though Bluegrape starting out with a just virtual office, 20 Fletcher Gate has always felt like the natural home for my business. From the its excellent ambience, contemporary and inspiring design features, through to the superb resident support and networking opportunities, to Bluegrape, Your Home For Business has always been and still is more than not just a provider of office space.

David and his team have taken care to create a uniquely inspiring environment that fosters enterprise and excellence... and if Bluegrape is to move anywhere else in the future, it certainly will be to another Your Home For Business property."

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