“Finding a new office really should be ‘plain sailing’!!!!!!”

Or so I thought when I began to expand my small business. I found however, that most landlords and property owners treated my enquiries at best with ambivalence and at worst, with disdain. Once I had found a property things only got worse with disinterested landlords seeing me, the tenant, as an inconvenience. It was this experience that gave me the idea that has led to the formation of ‘Your Home for Business’ at 20 Fletcher Gate.

“Client not Tenant - Supplier not Landlord”

My philosophy is based on the understanding that it is people, not buildings that are the most important aspect of this business. As a result I have adopted the model of ‘Client and Supplier’ rather than the traditional ‘Landlord and Tenant’ relationship. This means that my team focus on providing you with not only the best quality service and environment for your staff to work in but that they actively seek out opportunities to help your business grow.


As our clients have grown so have we with 100% growth each year since our inception in 2004. We are continuing this growth and we help our clients to do the same despite these “recessionary times”. If this is the service that you are looking for then climb on board and make 20 Fletcher Gate – Your Home For Business!

Best of luck with your business and I look forward to meeting you soon.
David Ajose, founder of 20 Fletchergate

Our aim is to provide the following key conditions in which businesses can thrive:

  • Environment: A work environment in which both staff and client’s can feel comfortable whilst balancing good design and function.
  • Location: City centre location with easy public transport and parking resulting in an accessible workplace in a vibrant environment
  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional leases our agreements are based on easy in easy out terms and in the current financial market, flexibility is key to success.
  • Facilities: Providing a complete office solution including IT services, cleaning and furniture, almost everything necessary to get your business on the go.
  • Networking: Our related businesses provide ideal conditions for networking ensuring cooperation without competition.

20 Fletchergate, we take the worry out of business so you don't have to!

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